Brand New Friends

Greetings blogverse,

Now, I’m a guy who makes friends very, very easily. I’m incredibly lucky and thankful that that is the case and never take it for granted. However, for some bizarre reason before I began my first year at college I was unnaturally nervous that I wouldn’t make new friends.

Was I right? Definitely not! It took a while to become accustomed to my vast new group of friends, but there was something different about these friendships. I’m not for a second discounting all my previous friendships, I treasure them now and will do for the rest of my life. these new friendships, however, now that we are on the cusp of adulthood feel so much more serious and deeper.

That wasn’t always the case though as these new friendships of mine took a long time to manifest into something really worthy of being called a ‘friendship’. This all changed when I was invited to a ‘film night’ by one of my friends from drama. I must confess, as we weren’t very close friends and he just invited me out of what I assumed to be courtesy, I was somewhat apprehensive about going.

I am SO, SO overjoyed that i did go though. Not only did I get to bond with my fellow college students that our host had also invited, but he had also invited 3 of his friends who were currently going to university. I not only managed to solidify my friendships with my peers, but was able to MAKE new friends too!

If you’re starting at a new location soon (school, college, workplace etc.) or even if you’ve been at that location for ages, don’t shy away from taking the plunge. Please, engage with those around you and try and build new friendships, you’ll definitely be glad you made the effort!

Whilst making new friends is important, be sure not to forget the old ones. Hmmm, remembering old friends seems like it deserves a blog post entirely of its own…


The Silent Harmony

Greetings Blogverse,

Ever since I started college last year in September, my favourite thing about it was meeting such like minded people in my Drama class. A few students in particular are massive film fans and I often talk to them for ages about films both new and old. We rarely agree on what films are good/bad, but the one constant is our love of films, particularly Comic Book Movies.

Anyway, one day I was absent mindedly scrolling through Facebook and saw that one of my friends from Drama was writing a script for a short film! I greatly admired his dedication and talent in writing a fully fledged script and wanted to be a part of the film in any capacity. A few months later upon his completion of the script, he announced he needed performers for the movie. I obviously auditioned, but wasn’t really suited for any of the roles.

I was a little dejected at not getting a part, but was thrilled when our director said he needed people to help out with technical roles! He invited the rest of the cast and I around to his huse for a read through of the script and we all shared a great many laughs and got along really well, despite meeting most of the other people involved in the film for just the first time that night.

I’m so glad I signed on to be a part of this film and I’ll be certain to keep you posted with information on how it goes when we start filming later this month! I’ll give you an overview of the plot in due time too!




Bond…James Bond

Greetings Blogverse,

The title says it all. Those iconic words are synonymous with countless things. An agent with a license to kill, alluring women, exotic locales, fast cars, high tech gadgets, epic intros accompanied by phenomenal songs, diabolical villains who’s sole purpose is world domination. All of these factors and more combine to form probably the most legendary film franchise in history.

I watched ‘Spectre’ two days ago and loved every second of it. I re-watched the entire two and a half hour film the very next day. Yes it was that good. It’s not at all shocking that the films are going strong after all these years. They’re timeless classics, each and every one of them. Although some are clearly better, it is impossible to find an atrociously bad Bond film.

If anyone has never seen a Bond film then I URGE you to see one. They’re so varied in tone and plot, but at the centre of it all there’s a barely describable magic that makes each film a classic. There’s something for everyone in each film. An unstoppable hero, a memorable villain, some of the best dialogue ever, romance, locales, action, humour, all accompanied by the best intros in ANY films and amazing songs form the best of the best in the music industry.

The films have evolved and stayed so current, taking us from the days of the Cold War to the present with Cyber warfare. The films themselves have altered from their more playful and colourful tone to one of heavy emotional moments and a more brutal James Bond. I could go on and on listing reasons why the Bond films comprise my favourite saga of all time, but we’d be here forever, so I’ll close with this. Whoever the next James Bond is won’t matter, because the films will endure no matter what. Simply put, nobody does it better.


CM Punk- No Regrets

Greetings Blogverse,

Regret is a painful thing. When we experience it it can consume us, constantly preying on our minds. Regret is something that CM Punk will never have to deal with though.

To say I am the biggest CM Punk fan in the World would be a lie, however I do respect him greatly for several reasons. First, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and deal with he consequences that arrive from doing so. However, in this post I want to discuss his unbreakable desire to achieve his goals.

Last year Punk made the jump from the choreographed ballet of pro wrestling into the unforgiving reality of MMA. He knew this was a World in which he may not succeed. A World in which he may be pummelled and in the eyes of some humiliated. However, even if such a fate did meet him, he could look back on this decision in ten years or more with NO REGRET.

I am eagerly awaiting his first fight later this year, and wish him all the best! Win, lose or draw he’ll only further inspire me as he has done with taking this risky career move at his age and considering how beat up his body must be.  My hat goes off to you, CM Punk!


Be True to You

Greetings Blogverse,

In this post, I will discuss an idea that could possibly be seen as a cliche. The idea of realising what defines you as a person and how to most effectively use that to your advanatage.

Now, as I’m sure many of you will know by now, I dedicate my life to entertaining people, but it wasn’t always that way. Without coming across as arrogant, I believe I posess a natural wit and ability for comedy, and yet these abilities were something I kept to myself for years. Only in the past few years have I really taken advantage of what I can do and I discovered my true self at last.

Before I evolved into who I am as a person today I was admittedly rather shy. I had a very, very select group of friends and was content with that. I kept all opinions to myself and always conformed to the status quo. I lacked any ambition and was utterly content with how I was at the time.

However, a few years later and a realisation hit me rather suddenly. It was no cataclismic event, no huge milestone in my life that caused my evolution. One day, something just felt a little off. My more reserved, shy lifestyle just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. In lessons, I began telling a couple of jokes per lesson and people gravitated to them.

I didn’t let my success with a few jokes go to my head though, but subtely kept increasing the amount of comedy I’d perform each day. In the past I had always prided myself on being a gentleman, being completely devoid of any opinion. Comedy and being a gentleman don’t really go together though. I accepted that being a gentleman wasn’t my strong suit (which is not to say I am not respectful, polite etc. as I conisder myself to be exceptionally well mannnered).

I won’t ramble on for too much longer, but I just want to to focus in on how finding and accepting my ‘true’ self has hellped me immensley. My jokes made me INTERESTING something I had never been in my life before that. It got me talking to many new people who all became great friends of mine! I could also forsee a career of some description that involves enetertaining people. I do ocasionally get flashes of the old vanilla me come through and it feels bizarre, like the old me was the ‘fake’ me all the time and the outgoing guy I am now was waiting to get out the entire time.

So there you have it! Do NOT spend your days being something you’re not. Whether you are in that persona becuase you wated to be or due to peer pressure etc. DO NOT ACCEPT IT! If you don’t think the persona you curreently have is right for you then find the one that is and roll with it. Doing so has been the best thing I ever did and has morphed my life into something it never would’ve been had I kept my ‘gentleman persona’.



Greetings Blogverse,

Well, this past month has certainly been a whirlwind! I have officially began tertiary education! Have I been enjoying it? Most definitely, it presents me entirely knew challenges and has forced me to develop new skills. Furthermore, I am beginning to gain a scope of the wider World as I’m no longer confined to the more conserved and rehearsed environment of a school. Does this mean that College has been without challenges? Of course not. The work load has increased exponentially and the fact I’m considered a ‘Young Adult’ now has meant a lot of new thoughts need to be considered.

Money. Now money has never been something I needed to be happy, but with the majority of my friends getting part time jobs I realise I must soon stop putting this task off. Working part time has never been something I’ve been particularly interested in (unless the part time job involved pro wrestling, of course). I get the importance of part time jobs and all, but I’d just much rather be tucked away at home working on some writing as opposed to earning cash. I also have an issue that appears in the form of a microcosm. Distance from my family. I have gone from being a fifteen minuet walk from them to a couple of miles from them. This may seem insignificant to some, but it actually replicates how in later life I will possibly be much, much farther from my folks than I ever have before. As if all tat wasn’t enough, we also have the challenge of relationships with the opposite sex becoming ever more prevalent, but that is a story for another time.

For now though, one hundred percent of my energy is going towards my studies!


Finding Your Niche

Greetings Blogverse,

I’ve had a rather long hiatus I know, but I have been working hard to try and get my Youtube channel set up.Its been a long process, but soon it’ll be done and I can begin uploading. My Youtube endeavours actually feed well into the topic of this blog entry. Today we’re going to discuss finding your niche.

Now, I do not say this in a boastful manner, but I consider myself a jack of all trades. I’m a well rounded individual and am proficient in numerous subjects. I have an affinity for Drama, writing and making people laugh which are all highly marketable trades. I knew I had all the tools to again utilising my talents to better effect than I currently was doing. That is when I knew I had to find my niche.

I began wring some stories and realised that I was writing with relative ease and after showing my work to some qualified people they were significantly impressed. I’ve also participated in all the drama I could during my time at secondary school, but have been on a hiatus with that recently. I am about to begin College, but for some reason I wasn’t going to pursue Drama again there. However, I realised that Drama, the intoxicating thrill of entertaining people, was my niche. I immediately swapped out one of my subject choices for Drama and am thrilled that I did.

To conclude, don’t let your talents go to waste! If you can find a niche in anything, whether it be writing, making Youtube videos, a sport, anything, then you will have already began your first step on the path to success!


It’s Just a Letter

Greetings Blogverse,

Today, GCSE students across the country faced the single most tense day of their academic lives, results day. This is a day that always features a mix of positive and negative feelings. Happiness, anger, hopelessness, regret. I used to open my results and let the letters upon them play on my mind for hours, days, weeks even months. If I got a weak result in a subject I wanted to pursue, it tore me apart.

However, with this recent set of results (although predominantly positive) I didn’t let the letters effect me. I know some people will argue with me and say that the ltters dictate my future, my career etc. but I will never believe them. My intelligence and what job I will have access to is decided not by an inconsequential letter on a piece of paper. No. My future is defined by my insatiable hunger and passion for learning, my camaraderie and ability to work effectively with others and by my unstoppable will to pursue the subjects and career paths I desire.

Do NOT get disheartened if your results weren’t as good as you were hoping for, mine weren’t, but I know I will still achieve everything I want to in this life, with or without some letters attained from a robotic system that misses the greatest aspects of students.